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Role: Brand Concept, Naming, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Packaging design, Photography, Post Production

Recognition: Dieline Design Trends 2021, Pentawards, World Brand Design

Modern society has evolved to be more sex-positive than ever, but the world of condoms has not followed suit. Functional, performative and of a pharmaceutical visual world, condom brands are failing to connect us to the most important driver of sex: desire.

Our big question: How can we take condoms from something you need to have, to something you want to use?

Seed condoms are made for every measure of pleasure – and with the environment in mind.

This design idea takes inspiration from fruit, and the way a fruit’s peel keeps its seeds from spreading. Each variant – ribbed, dotted, extra strength – takes the flavour of a fruit whose outer skin is characterised by a similar texture.

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