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Role: Art Direction
& Brand Concept, Visual Identity, Packaging design, Product Design Concept

Recognition: Elle Decoration, INTERIOR + DESIGN, Home Magazine

We searched all the associations that exist with the word "RUG", from intuitive to obviously rational, and faced to an unexpected conclusion: a rug unites people.

Literally. No jokes.

We used to gather at the table to eat, but when we wanted to be closer to each other – then we sat on the floor. This is a simple gesture (forgotten ritual) that shortens the distance and encourages a trusting and sincere conversation. So through the depth and significance of human relations, we give a new meaning to the rug as an object in the interior.

Along with the rebranding, the project gains a new active audience that understands the importance of cultural heritage, appreciates design and is ready to get acquainted with the rug in a new way.

During the shooting, we worked with the already existing collection - the brand's bestseller for several years, and the new image of the main character became a bridge connecting the brand “before” and “after”.

Product design concept

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