/ holistic beauty space /

Role: Brand Concept + Naming

& Visual Identity, Art Direction, Storytelling, Copywrite

THE PRACTICE of silence.

turn off your phone, put your book aside
and let yourself to get an hour of perfect silence

do not make plans for tomorrow
do not disturb the past
just sit down and relax
slow down and enjoy delightful idleness
dissolve in the moment when only you exist

turn your MUTE MODE ON

Short-term isolation from the surrounding hubbub helps to get closer to yourself, cope with stress and unleash our creativity

/ Mute is a holistic space where natural true beauty is being noticed and protected from evaluating gazes, toxic stereotypes and arrogant attitudes of modern society. Here you can be yourself without adjusting to any reality.

It is a space in silent mode, where we can stay, dance and live as if nobody's watching  /

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