Welcome home, where life happens

BELKIN HOME is a brand of knitted rugs created in 2014 by Victoria Klevko. The greatest value of the brand is that each product is created by human hands.

We accompanied the brand at all stages of rebranding: from concept development and positioning to implementation of a visual strategy. Our task was to give a new reading to a stereotyped product, to show it from a new angle, in a new light and design, while maintaining the main message - the rug is an important element of the house.

We have collected all the associations that can be with the word "RUG", from intuitive to obviously rational, and came to an important conclusion: the rug unites people. If before everyone gathered at the table, now we sit on the floor. This is a simple gesture (forgotten ritual) that shortens the distance and encourages a trusting and sincere conversation. So through the depth and significance of human relations, we have given a new meaning to the carpet as an object in the interior.

We have worked out branding and all points of contact: from the website and packaging, in which the rugs will now be delivered, to sets of samples for cooperation with interior designers.

Along with the rebranding, the project has a new active audience that understands the importance of cultural heritage, appreciates design and is ready to get acquainted with the rug in a new way. During the shooting, we worked with the already existing collection - the brand's bestseller for several years, and the new image of the main character became a bridge connecting the brand “before” and “after”.


[ ART-DIRECTION | DESIGN CONCEPT ]: Karina Zhukovskaya, Ksenia Shabalina


[ PHOTOGRAPHY ]: Kate Rumyantseva
STYLING ]: Zalina Shokarova